Sitrex Grassland Machinery

Sitrex HM 300 Haymaker

Sitrex HM 300 Haymaker The HM 300 takes combination raking and spreading to improved levels over and above other combination machines. With a working width of up to 3 meters, this machine will handle the heaviest of green crops. The long vertical tines allow this...

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Sitrex Drum Mowers

Sitrex DM Disc Mowers Sitrex, one of the world’s top mower manufacturers, produces a very simple, tough, precision built machine making it an ideal choice for the contractor or farmer. The models sold in the UK have been designed with high usage in mind, heavy duty...

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Sitrex Tedders and Rakes

We offer a range of Sitrex tedders and rakes including rotary tedders, mounted and trailed single rotor rakes, trailed rakes and rake units.

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Sitrex Finger Wheel Rakes

Finger wheel rakes have been commonplace on farms for decades and are available again, although they have been updated and are now more flexible in operation, having options of self steering, hydraulic folding and narrower transport positions.

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