Rapid™ hydrostatic Two Wheel Tractors

Rapid Orbito

23hp B&S petrol engine, hydrostatic variable drive, with freewheel, zero turn axle, switchable active handlebar and lever steering systems, hydraulic moving axle, quick coupling, hourmeter, 23 x 8.5 x 12 wheels

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Rapid Varea

The Rapid Varea benefits from a narrower axle and positioning to give a balanced, easy to operate machine even with heavier attachments.

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Rapid Monta

A low machine centre of gravity makes the Monta particularly suitable for mowing steep hillsides and benefits from a wide axle width and positioned to give a higher weight transfer to the attachment.

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Rapid Rex

7hp Subaru Robin petrol engine
Hydrostatic drive
Hydraulic steering
4 x 8 wheels standard
Dual, cage and sprocket wheels available

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Rapid Mondo

The Rapid Mondo features a 9hp petrol engine, hydrostatic transmission and a totally independent PTO system. A tool free quick attach change system allows for many different attachments.

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Rapid Swiss

This Swiss is produced by Rapid as a specialist bank tractor. It is equipped with a 9 hp petrol engine to give optimum performance on steep gradients.

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